two movies & a show


first, it snowed this evening in the point area and it is predicted that we may get as much as 1-3” before it is through. i love living in point where spring can change into winter in a matter of minutes.

second, i grabbed the boys after they got back home from school and took them to see “iron man 2.” i loved the original “iron man” mainly because of robert downey jr’.’s narcissistic portrayal of tony stark. downey may not be one of the world’s better people but he is perfect for tony stark.  i was a little concerned that the sequel would not be any good. thankfully it was a great film. i would say it was just as good as the first one and maybe even just a little better. i love a good superhero flick.

third, it was homemade pizza and movie night at the terrell house. we watched “the fantastic mr. fox” and i am now wondering how i have missed the wonderful little movie. it was amazing. pam, noah, and i laughed the whole way through. now i know that beagles love blueberries and that has made my life better.

finally, i really like nbc’s show “community.” i look forward to all the movie and television show references within it. this week’s paintball war was a great homage to apocalyptic films.


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  1. If you can find a way to watch the Halloween episode of Community, do it. I laughed to the point of being weak.

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