wow – this is spot on satire of many contemporary/modern worship services. i’ve been to quite a few such services and they are surprising close to this video.

the irony is that several people in the ministerial association to which i belong think this is what tapestry is all about. they see tapestry connecting with younger unchurched people and since they seem convinced that you can only connect this group by edgier music, video, and lights they assume that’s what we do. instead we are pretty boring.

we do have stage lights but that is to hide the utter ugliness of the gym in which we meet. the closest thing we have to a laser show is the laser pointer on my honeywell powerpresenter RF (in my opinion the best wireless presentation tool) and it doesn’t seem to work half the time. every now and then i do try to hit eric, our music leader, in the eye with my lasrer pointer but i don’t think that really counts as a laser show. our music is around 90% classic hymns with drums and an acoustic guitar. it’s good stuff because eric, joel, brad, and drew are awesome but it’s rarely very edgy.

also, our “hipness factor” is incredibly low because … well … i’m involved. eric doesn’t help much with the “hipness factor” either. you can tell this by the way natalie, his wife, introduces herself to people. she says she is married to the guy who looks like a hobo. we all know that hobos are known for their unhipness -(btw if you have not seen john hodgman’s piece called “hobo matters” you should watch it right now).

anyhow if y9ou have ever been to a “relevant” worship gathering you should watch the above video. you’ll find it very diverting.

ht ed stetzer on the video.

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  1. This is too true….and also very sad… many churches that we have visited follow this “design” to a tea.

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