come on out


first, i love asbo jesus. his cartoons hit so many things on target. like the one above. every now and then as i dream about the future of tapestry i wonder what will happen when/if we have to move our worship gatherings. i love the fact that we meet in rented space and that the space is a public school. it fits with who we are and since one of our dreams is to form new churches from our growth instead of just getting bigger we shouldn’t need to move. it is a part of who we are.

i’m not opposed to church’s having buildings. all the previous churches that i was involved in had buildings that they owned. sometimes the buildings were used incredibly well and sometimes not so much.

the problem is that often the building becomes the center of everything. it is the focal point that people try to convince other people to come to. that’s why people say “where do you go to church” or “where is your church located.” sometime in the past we reached the point that we associated church with a building rather than a group of people. every now and then i am real thankful that tapestry doesn’t have a building. it’s a ton easier to focus on the church being the people when you don’t have a building to mistakenly think is the church.

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