i am a hardened criminal

the police came to our house to get me today.

as the father of a 16 year old son the first thoughts that run through my head upon seeing the village of plover police parked in my driveway are not typically good. once they assured me that they were not their to report an accident or any trouble with adam i felt better. instead of being their to break this parent’s heart they had driven to my house to ask me a few questions. the officer’s first questions was had i gotten any fuel at our local quicktrip today? that was easy, the answer was no. the office looked at his report and rephrased his question. had i obtained any fuel at the quicktrip yesterday. yep i had. i bought fuel, a diet coke, and two donuts. the officer’s next question was, “do you remember paying for the fuel?” i thought i did. i definitely remembered going inside getting a diet coke and donuts and paying for them. yet i wasn’t as sure about the fuel.

you see i usually pay for my fuel at the pump. i try not to go inside if it can be avoided (this is just for fuel stations – ironically i prefer avoiding fast food windows). the problem is that goes inside can’t be avoided when i have decided to get a diet coke. while it would be a brilliant idea to place diet coke machines beside the gas pump no one has been brave enough to do it yet. i hope that one day a promising entrepreneur will have the fortitude to place diet coke fountains outside by a station’s gasoline pumps but until that day i will have to walk inside the store when i stop for fuel and a diet coke.

yesterday i did walk inside to pay for my diet coke, donuts, and fuel. unfortunately i only paid for 2 of those 3. that is frowned upon by most businesses and municipalities, especially when you forget the most expensive item. the officers directed me to go back to the store and pay for my fuel as soon as possible (i.e. immediately). i thought that while i was there i would also buy a diet coke and two donuts. it seemed only right that i accomplish the purchase i was trying to make yesterday.

SIDE NOTE – pam is gone to brazil to lead a study abroad course for uwsp. this will be a long week.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – i enjoy scott mcknight’s blog. one of his many posts for today concerns tithing within american CHRISTianity. it is an interesting and short read.

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