little help?!?!? – menu-wise that is

the terrell family eats very well. among her many wonderful attributes pam is an excellent cook. just ask anyone who has ever eaten at our home. my wife knows how to cook and brings a great deal of variety to the terrell family menu. this is yet another reason that i am a very blessed boy. i on the other hand require an open flame to cook. i’m not helpless. we will not go hungry while pam is gone. still, i realize that most of my cooking is specialized in it’s nature. it is event cooking. it is meal preparation for when we have guests coming to join us. basically this means grilling out.

i can grill a world of things. i have entire meals (except for dessert) that are cooked on one of my weber grills (i have three so there is plenty of grilling space). pam would tell you that you don’t really know what corn should taste like until you have tasted my grilled corn – it really is good. i love cooking on a grill but it is a good bit of work and not something that i want to do every night until next weekend.

once i start cooking in the house i am a little more limited. years ago, thanks to a start from my father-in-law, i worked on perfecting a chilidog recipe. my father in law taught me a recipe that was from a chili dog place in Alabama. I continue to adapt it little by little.  it’s pretty good and the whole family loves it but i don’t want to eat chili dogs for 7 days. i can cook some other simple things but i don’t have as much variety as pam.

so here’s where i need your help. since pam is gone to brazil for a week the boys are depending upon me for sustenance. as a family we try to avoid processed foods because they are not as good for you and they are relatively expensive. do any of you have easy recipes that you would like to share with this single dad for a week?


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  1. A nice grilled dessert is grilled pineapple. It’s Indian (east).

    Peel ur pineapple and slice into ~3/4 inch circles (don’t cut out the center).

    Brush on olive oil (or whatever cooking oil) and grill about 7 minutes, or until hot and soft.

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