the week in tweets – 2010-07-25

  • upgraded and now can't drag images into @TweetDeck. what's up with that?!?!?!?! #
  • don't see this everyday – guy removed his corvette's spare tire so he could load the compartment with beer & i #
  • jb-weld/jb-kiwk may right up there with duct tape for its super fixit-ness. #
  • in 4 hours i will know if jb-weld fixed my spartus full-vue & enable me to have more toy camera medium format fun. hold tight little epoxy! #
  • @@t_alan_lusk – that's fun! #
  • about the TRINITY & about knowing GOD, the only thing we really have 2 see is what true love is; well in fact, simply what love is-augustine #
  • the problem with good theology is that it makes me question whether i am ministering theologically or not. moltmann is doing that to me now. #
  • RT @CSLewis_: Why love if losing hurts so much? We love to know that we are not alone. – C. S. Lewis – quote for my next paper. i <3 clive #
  • "theology … does not merely aim to understand the world differently, it aims to transform it." moltmann – TRINITY and the kingdom. #
  • lookie, lookie, what my brother just sent to me! a '70-'73 minolta srt-101. what a great brother he is. #
  • lookie, lookie, what my brother just sent to me. a '70-'73 minolta srt-101. now to take some pictures. #
  • @SteenAR – yeah it is. now i have to see how the photos turn out. in reply to SteenAR #
  • some may ask if your giant taco salad is healthy … of course it is! it's a salad isn't it?!?!?! #
  • i don't believe in hypothetical situations. they are like lying to your brain. #
  • wow I really am craving a bucket of beets today! #
  • the problem with following @CSLewis_ is that i pretty much want to RT every quote from clive that he tweets. #
  • @mike_shipp – yeah i was amazed when i got my hybird how big a difference the extra tire width made. in reply to mike_shipp #

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