if you were born or have lived in alabama you understand


eric g asked me to go hunting with him today in neilsville (about 45 minutes away). i told him that i couldn’t because i might not make it back in time for the iron bowl (the alabama/auburn game for those not in the know). he simply couldn’t understand this. why would i choose to watch a college football game when i could be hunting (which for wisconsin is the only thing that many people will miss a packers’ game for), especially when i haven’t killed a deer this year.

if you were born in bama or have lived in bama for awhile then you are probably more flummoxed by eric’s desire to go deer hunting instead of watching the game.

SIDE NOTE – thanks to my mother-n-law for the iron bowl shirt for my birthday.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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