snow storm = hurricane

snow thrower

being raised along the gulf coast i had a love/hate relationship with hurricanes. the love part was that usually they were no big deal – a lot of precaution and then typically nothing major. everyone had to prepare for the potential hurricane. it was important that you planned for the worst. so you bought a good bit of food, made sure that everything that could be blown around was safely put up, generally prepped your house for the storm and then talked with your neighbors about all of their precautions. the hate part of the relationship was that every now and then the hurricane would actually end up being as bad or worse than it had been predicted. when that happened it was awful.

it turns out that snow storms in the midwest are kind of similar. we’re in the midst of a minor blizzard and it has been quite a bit of fun with the family. it also made for a very challenging run this afternoon and at least three times of using the snow blower to clear our driveway.

SIDE NOTE – i doubt seriously that the weather will affect tapestry tomorrow but if it does i will make sure and send word out to everyone.

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