you don’t want me to pull for your team

while the thanksgiving break was a wonderful time with the family it pretty much sucked for the football teams i pulled for. they all lost. here are the results:

  • been a BAMA fan all my life – they lost
  • been a packer fan since 8th grade – they lost
  • been a LSU fan since pam went there for her ph.d studies – they lost

you really don’t want me to pull for your team on thanksgiving weekend. i am apparently a thanksgiving football jinx.

SIDE NOTE – i am happy to say that i have only had one meal since thanksgiving day that did not include a leftover smoked turkey sandwich. mhmmmmm! i figure i have another 3-4 sandwiches left. then the sadness begins.

if you were born or have lived in alabama you understand


eric g asked me to go hunting with him today in neilsville (about 45 minutes away). i told him that i couldn’t because i might not make it back in time for the iron bowl (the alabama/auburn game for those not in the know). he simply couldn’t understand this. why would i choose to watch a college football game when i could be hunting (which for wisconsin is the only thing that many people will miss a packers’ game for), especially when i haven’t killed a deer this year.

if you were born in bama or have lived in bama for awhile then you are probably more flummoxed by eric’s desire to go deer hunting instead of watching the game.

SIDE NOTE – thanks to my mother-n-law for the iron bowl shirt for my birthday.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

student tech

i’m helping pam with her graduate student orientation this friday. she wants me to discuss web technologies that can help students. here’s the list that i am going through

anybody have any other recommendations? any other cool web, computer, and/or phone programs that you use?

want to build a house? kind of…


some threads from tapestry are going back to nicaragua in january. this will be the 4th trip for people from our young community of faith. we’re going to change our plans a little this time and participate in building a house for a family. well we’re actually not going to be the ones in charge of building it. you see a while back the nicaraguan CHRISTian outreach figured out that we could build a house for a family for around $1,800. so starting last year several groups went down and built houses. i think we have four houses built now. in the past the gringos have been building the house with the nicas watching.

in august i was being told about this by moises, evelyn, and claudia and on a whim i asked them about the idea of paying for nica labor to build the house. i thought we might could help the local economy a little more. there response was that it would actually help two guys within kilumbo get more experience with a third guy who was a house builder and thereby help them get more jobs. in other words, we would be helping the local economy, giving these guys the pride of leading their own job, and furthering their training in a trade that can help support their family. the additional cost for the labor? $200!

yep we can build the house, pay three nicaraguan workers, and then work along side them as their assistants for a grand total of $2,000. so that’s what tapestry is trying to raise money for now. last CHRISTmas we gave up receiving offerings for the church so that all the money could go for a fresh water well. this year we are going to try and give $2,000 on top our normal offerings for the support of the church ministry. it’s a big step for our small group of people.

if you are interested in being a part of this you are welcome to do so too. if we have extra we’ll either save it for another house next trip or use it for more pressing needs in diriamba.

cleveland’s answer to what lebron should do

i’m not a lebron fan. i wasn’t while he was in cleveland and then after the way he left the cleveland i learned to dislike him even more. i don’t begrudge him leaving for “greener fields” but the way he did it was cowardly. then nike and james produced the “what should i do” commercial which paints lebron as a victim. he was not a vitcim … he was and is a jerk. i love cleveland’s above response.

the whole thing makes me glad that i wear ASICS and sad that noah, my youngest, still likes lebron!

a little more money

Sophomore running back Trent Richardson runs the ball in Alabama's 24-20 victory over Arkansas last week. Richardson, a Florida native, said after Wednesday's practice that he wants to prove the Crimson Tide is as fast as Florida when the Gators come to town Saturday.
CW | Katie Bennett

i went to a lecture at uwsp tonight from tim keady from team sweat concerning nike’s use of sweatshop labor. it was excellent and i will probably post more about it later. for now i will say that you can watch this video and get the basic idea behind the lecture.

during the lecture keady brought up an interesting point – why do student athletes have to wear uniforms with advertisements/logos on them? 20 years ago every college uniform didn’t have a nike, adidas, or any other corporate logo on them. many coaches would have thrown a fit over the idea of their uniforms being defaced. why do universities allow it now? obviously the answer is money – i’m sure of that. i could understand smaller school sports programs being willing to sell advertising space on their uniforms (desperate need can make it easier to sell you soul) but do the larger schools and sports programs really need to do this? why would a school want to turn it’s athletes into billboards? what happens if a scholarshiped athlete is convicted that it is against his/her religious beliefs to wear the logo of a company that is doing something against his/her faith? i doubt the student would be allowed to cover the logo. i would understand that in a business uniform but i’m not sure i would in a university one. also why would public institutions want to have their representatives advertising for corporations?

i’m not sure what i think about all of this but the question of why is rolling through my mind. is it all just for a little more money?

world run day

shark runner

sunday, novemeber 7th is world run day. i thought it might be fun to get together with a group of people and run that morning. so at least pam and i are going to show up at lake joanis and run as far as we can, or want to, for 60 minutes and then go somewhere for breakfast – probably al’s or cozy kitchen (i’m not sure which is open on sunday mornings). you are welcome to join us for a completely organized, non race, celebration of movement – any kind of movement.

i think it might also be nice for those of us who want to to donate $5 to world vision.

here’s the facebook event page.