our CHRISTmas gifts

i am so proud of my boys for the gifts they gave this CHRISTmas. advent conspiracy has been a huge thing for helping us as a family celebrate the birth of JESUS in a proper way. it has redefined how we give gifts. this year the boys put an amazing amount of time, creativity, and love into gifts they gave. i could tell you some of them but i don’t think you would recognize how great they were because these gifts involved a great amount of intimate knowledge of the person receiving the gift. pam and i have great kids. i hope your gifts and your celebration of the birth of the SAVIOR was just as meaningful.

SIDE NOTE – we have raised around $1,000 for the house we are building in nicaragua. we don’t leave for nicaragua until the 9th so there is still time to give if you would like to. of course, if you want 2010 tax credit for your contribution you need to do so before january 1st.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – thanks to my recent discovery of our local library’s online audiobook website i am presently listening to “the blind side: evolution of a game” by michael lewis while i run and walk the dogs. this is the second book of his that i have gone through and i really like his style of writing because he reminds me of john krakauer’s style of writing. i’m going to have to read/listen to some other works of his.

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