2011 resolutions

pam and i both consistently make new year’s resolutions. we’ve done it for years. we’re both pretty goal-oriented people and our resolutions serve as those goals. if you are curious you can find pam’s here. so here are some of the things that i am hoping to accomplish during 2011.

  • love GOD in more demonstrable ways
  • love others in more demonstrable ways
  • take pamela, adam, and noah fishing 5 times each (this harder than you think because they are all busy and the canoe is meant for two)
  • pray with at least 2 people each week
  • go through the ransom fellowship bible reading program for slackers and shirkers
  • plan and do at least two large surprise dates for pam (since she reads my blog it really won’t be too big of a surprise but i want this to be a priority and therefore it gets publicized)
  • finish 40 books this year (i finished 36 this year)
  • run 1,100 miles (i finished 1,000 this year)
  • bike 800 miles (i rode 424 this year)
  • help tapestry to grow even closer to being the church GOD wants her to be – this could be scary because i am already constantly amazed by how amazing the threads are.
  • get a runners world t-shirt by getting a “letter to the editor” in the magazine
  • 1 planned photo a week on flickr 
  • catch 4 muskies of any size this year
  • play different practical jokes on 3 different people in the same day
  • improve my marathon time by 30 minutes
  • bring faith, hope, and love to as many people’s lives as possible in significant manners
  • catch 1 muskie longer than 42”
  • post to my blog at least 4 times a week
  • participate in 1 fly swap
  • refurbish the boys’ bathroom

these are my goals at this point.

SIDE NOTE – here is a fascinating map of the dialects within the us. it’s well worth a look at.


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  1. Happy New Years! I have to tell you that I really like your list of to do's for 2011! You continue to inspire! Let's plan on running soon!

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