as most of you know a group of threads from tapestry are going to diriamaba, nicaraua sunday. we will be working with some of our nica friends to do this. i say “working with” because we are not going down there to build the house. a lot of groups go places to build things as though the residents in those places can’t build things. out goal is to work with our nica friends. they will take the lead and we will work along side. so why are we going? because the relationship that we have with our friends down there is important to both groups’ faiths in CHRIST and because it helps us to figure out how we can be of more assistance. you see the baltadonas (the family we work with down there) are real heroes. they love GOD and they believe that GOD wants to transform their community you can see this clearly when you watch how they love on the people of their community. being around them pushes me to be more involved in spreading GOD’s love in tangible ways in the point area. so we go down there to learn from and work with our nica friends. they are amazing.

anyhow, here are the threads that are going down this next week.

  • joe hasenohrl
  • amanda martin
  • joseph metallo
  • pete metallo
  • robin metallo
  • eileen newsome
  • casey shadis
  • joel stokdyk
  • me

we also have one of my former students, eric landry, doing this thing with us. please remember all of us in prayer.

SIDE NOTE – at last count we raised around $1,400 of the $2,000 necessary for the house. of course, we’re still building the house and we’ll just take the remaining $600 out of church funds. if you want to contribute to the building of the house you still can. any money we receive at this point would go into putting those money that was missing back in the church funds and any extra would be put towards our next trip in august.

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