she’s taken my blogging title

i was talking with joe h last week while in nicaragua about blogging. he was talking about how he wanted to write some because he enjoyed reading some of the blogs by people in tapestry. he specifically mentioned pam, and then was nice enough to mention my blog also. i’m pretty sure he mentioned my blog just to be nice because he had that “”whoops, i left robert out” look on his face. i get that look a good bit.

you see pam is the blogging champ of the family now. i used to be the champ. i was the first terrell to start blogging and i used to blog a great deal. i don’t do it as much now – which is my own fault. pam writes better than i do, more often than i do, has better skills in grammar, and she is better looking than me (i’m not exactly sure how being better looking than me effects her blogging powers but i’m fairly sure it has some effect). therefore, she will remain the blogging shamp. all i can hope to do is to make a better show of it.

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