4 chairs

4 chairs

at tapestry we save the back row of seats for our guests.

i know this sounds a little odd but you need to understand the setup of a typical sunday evening with us. we try to set our chairs up in such a manner that almost a circleconversation is encouraged. this means our chair set-up varies from a semi-circle to completely in the round. while i love our setups i also recognize that they can be a little intimidating for a guest.

our setup can be all the more intimidating for a guest when you consider the natural tendency of people to not sit in the first row (some claim this is because i tend to “spray” people when i preach but i personally seriously doubt this). we typically set up 6-8 chairs total for the front rows (total is for both sides) and there are usually only a few people who sit in them. other rows might fill up but the front row never does. this means that the most obviously open spots are also the most intimidating chairs for someone to sit in. so we work around this by setting up 4 chairs on the back of each side of the room that we save for guests. these are the easiest chairs to get into and out of. you can come in late and leave early if a semi-circle setupyou want to. these chairs are saved for our guests in an attempt to make them feel welcome. who would have thought the back row could do such a thing?

of course, if you attend a church regularly then you probably know that the back row is usually the first to fill up. church people like the back row. we’re a little different. we save these seats as a gift for those who are our guests.

so if you come to tapestry for the first time and see 4 chairs set up in the back please know that you can sit anywhere you like but we have saved everyone’s favorite seats for you.

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  1. Every church should do this. I have walked into unknown churches late (my fault I know!) and have had to walk to the front. Not good and I have been going to church all my life.

    And why do the people with bad hearing always sit at the back and then say ‘I couldn’t hear a word of that service?’

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