i am a lousy dreamer


i am a lousy dreamer.

i don’t mean the above statement in the sense of vision. i am talking about real dreams … the kind you have when you sleep. some people have really cool dreams where they do truly awesome things that they could never do in real life. i think it would be a lot of fun to have such dreams.

instead my dreams have the potential to be terrific and then they end up just being lame. for example, last night i dreamt that i was in an automotive chase with foreign spies. this is obviously a great start for a dream. it would have been a truly exciting dream except that i was driving a full size passenger bus during the chase. it wasn’t some special spy bus with amazing handling and freaky cool spy abilities (like rocket launchers and oil slicks). nope, i was driving a normal grey hound–type bus with air brakes and passengers. to make matters worse the chase was in a road construction zone in a busy city and i was under orders to do no damage. so there were no amazing crashes or cool explosions. instead there was a lot of slow development of speed that was then just as slowly ended by a long period of braking. in addition to this for some reason i was also driving the bus from a second row seat. i have no idea why i was driving from the second row but it was incredibly difficult to see the road from there.

it was all very frustrating.

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  1. Robert, do you feel hemmed in and slowed down by the obstacles in your life? Are you racing to get the job done, but find outside forces refuse to cooperate with you? Your energy and desire is so focused, yet your choice of tools for achieving results falls short. Lol, please forgive me, I couldn’t resist. Your dreams are not lousy at all…Quite fascinating.

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