history podcasts

i am presently loving a few history related podcasts. all of them have great information and good production values. a couple are truly great and a ton of fun to listen to.

here they are:

  • the history of rome – a weekly podcast detailing the major events of the roman empire. there are 148 episodes thus far and it has only reached 321 AD. this podcast is active and my favorite by far. the info on the the roman empire is great and mike duncan is a pleasure to listen to. if you are a part of tapestry you have heard information i gleaned from THoR (the history of roman) more than you know.
  • 12 byzantine rulers – this podcast is finished. it is a wonderful, though brief history of the eastern half of the roman empire. lars brownsorth has expand the information he presented in these lectures into a book that i am looking forward to reading.
  • norman centuries – lars brownworth (the guy behind the 12 byzantine rulers podcast) also does this podcast about these amazing descendants of norse vikings. supposedly this podcast is active though there hasn’t been a new episode since may.
  • religions of the ancient mediterranean – phillip harland is an associate professor at york university. this podcast is put together from some of his lectures. good material on the ancient near east. this podcast is active. this is another podcasts that you might have heard information from if you have been with tapestry on a sunday night.

if you see me running there is a pretty good change that i will be listening to one of these podcasts.

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