a great way to begin football season


saint vincei have been a packer fan since the 8th grade when i became convinced that james lofton was the greatest receiver in the nfl and therefore the greatest team in the nfl had to be the packers. i have been true to the pack ever since. being raised in alabama i am more of a college football fan (rool tide roll) than an nfl fan BUT i do love the pack. when the boys were each born pam and i bought them packer outfits. we almost became “shareholders” when i was a new youth ministry at the first baptist church of carthage, missouri but the price of a share was a little two steep for a couple just out of seminary. if i had known that one day we would be living in wisconsin i would have eaten more ramen noodles and bought the share.

cheese was everywhereso thursday was a thrill because it was my very first game at lambeau field. since we moved up to wisconsin i have had other ticket offers but unfortunately those offers have been on significant sunday nights within the life of tapestry. for example, i was offered tickets to a 2008 packers/cowboys game that happened to be on the second night that tapestry existed. needless to say i wasn’t able to go. thankfully this past thursday there was nothing that was more important. thanks to the chair of pam’s department at uwsp we had two tickets to the preseason game between the kansas city chiefs and the almighty packers. it was amazing. i can’t thank gary enough for hooking pam and i up with tickets.

now if someone wanted to hook me up with free or cheap saints/packers tickets for this coming thursday noah’s year would be made.

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