day #21–question #21

why am i taking so long to finish the proposal for my dissertation?

i honestly don’t know. i can offer quite a few excuses but they are just excuses. it i time for me to get very serious about finishing my proposal and getting it approved.

and now a bonus question

why does the church so often reduce discipleship to mere bible study?

while studying the bible is an important part of being a disciple, discipleship is not just bible study.

i believe that JESUS teaches us through HIS example that discipleship is all about people becoming followers of HIM. after all, HIS call to HIS disciples was “come follow me.”  following JESUS is the goal of discipleship. studying the bible is one of the means for learning to follow JESUS but it is not the end in itself. still it is a very good means. my problem is that it seems to me that far to often we CHRISTians reduce discipleship to just one more bible study and after you finish that bible study you start another bible study. discipleship ends up becoming about biblical knowledge, and unfortunately sometimes biblical trivia, rather than about following CHRIST. over the years i have moved from viewing discipleship as mere bible study to viewing discipleship as life transformation. bible study is a very important part of the transformation of a person into a JESUS follower. i want to see people transformed into followers of CHRIST.