day #11–question #11

have i thought of anything new recently? have i done anything new recently?

novelty for the sake of novelty is not necessarily always a bad thing.

some organizations and mediums require change all the time. some require that you are doing something new because otherwise you are “dying.” it is a part of their nature. TV, films, fashion, and automobiles are like this. you might not make a big change in a car model every year but you better make some change from year to year. i understand needing to do this for marketing. after all, these companies have to some how convince us that the two year old ipod we have is obsolete and we need a new one.

actually, i’m not a big fan of this type of change. i don’t really think that i should live with a constant need for “newness.”

still i am a big fan of trying something new just to push yourself. this type of change helps me to grow. if i don try new things every now and then i become stagnant and that is not something i want to be. so what have i recently tried that is new to me?

since i find myself having to take a little time to discover answers to this question it probably means that i need to do something new. so what should i try?