hermes’ rear


this is a sneak peek of joe & kaylin’s wedding tomorrow. i am honored to officiate it which thrills me because joe & kaylin are very awesome people. the wedding is at the villa terrace decorative arts museum which is amazing. joe & kaylin (mainly kaylin) found a great spot of the wedding. the above photo is my view for the vast majority of the wedding. as the officiate i will facing joe & kaylin and thus facing the rear of the room for almost the entire ceremony. this means that every time i look up i will see hermes’ rear smiling back at me. if you are here tomorrow and i randomly laugh you will now that i once again noticed that i was being mooned by the messenger of the gods.

of course, it could be worse … i could be seeing hermes’ other side every time i look up.

SIDE NOTE – my desktop is up and running now but i haven’t looked for my blog drafts on it yet. i replaced the cpu heatsink fan and everything seems to be working now. then i left for milwaukee for joe and kaylin’s wedding. i have found three partial drafts on the netbook i am presently using so i am posting them.

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