why i am deer hunting this year


i have only been deer hunting a few times in my life. my dad raised me fishing and dove hunting. we did a great deal of that. i loved it and still do though i don’t really dove hunt in wisconsin because there aren’t very many here. to my memory i never actually went deer hunting with my dad. i remember walking through the woods a few times hoping to find a deer while my dad fell a tree but that is as close as i came to deer hunting with him. i went once with my brother and a few other times with friends. i never really enjoyed deer hunting because it is so slow.

this year is different because i heard a professor from uw-madison speak about the need for a different deer hunter. he described deer as “rats with antlers,” saying that they were the most destructive species to the wisconsin natural environment. this professor had not been a hunter before moving up to wisconsin. then after seeing what they did to the environment up here he started hunting. he decided to hunt like a wolf rather than a hunter. you see hunters typically go after the biggest and best (nobody brags about killing the smallest) while wolves try to kill the smallest, weakest, easiest prey. going after the smallest and weakest makes a bigger impact and actually improves the deer herd. this professor made some very solid arguments for deer hunting with a different mindset. it was enough to convince me.

so this year i decided to go deer hunting and kill bambi’s mom or maybe even bambi. of course, i have to see bambi’s mom before i can kill her. i went earlier today and saw plenty of deer sign but no actual deer. hopefully i will see something later in the week.

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  1. yep. it is a borrowed gun. i was going to hunt with slugs and my remington 870 that i use for duck hunting. then a friend said he had a winchester 94 30/30 i could borrow. it is pre-1964 so you can put a scope on it without modifications and the modifications effect the value of the gun which apparently is substantial since it is pre-64. i can keep everything within a 6″ circle at 50 yards and that is about as far as i need to shot in these woods.

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