need a pair of sunglasses?

2012-04-27 22.27.34

i tend to blaze through sunglasses. i always have. i have left sunglasses on my car bumper and then accidentally run them over. i have dropped pairs of sunglasses into lakes and rivers only to see them slowly fall into the deep. i have busted the lens of sunglasses on tree branches and other objects. i just tend to be rough on sunglasses. a long time ago i actually bought a few expensive pairs of sunglasses but they never seemed to last any longer than the cheap pairs so i now just stick with inexpensive sunglasses. it just works better for me this way.

two days ago i decided to buy a pair of fishing sunglasses from amazon. i can’t presently find the pair that i had been using for the past year and a half. on amazon i found a pair of key largo polarized sunglasses for $13.95 with a pretty high review rating. i decided to buy them. the sunglasses came in the mail today. when i say “they” i mean plural in number rather “they” just as a single pair of glasses. the picture above is the box of sunglasses i received. there are 12 sunglasses in the box. i freaked out a little thinking that i had just spent $167.40 ($13.95*12) on 11 more glasses than i wanted. like i said earlier i don’t spend a lot of money on sunglasses because i will just end up breaking them. so i checked my bill on amazon. nope, i didn’t spent anymore than $13.95. i guess that amazon made a mistake and sent me too many glasses by accident. i’ll email them tomorrow to make sure. my guess is that they will probably tell me to keep them, though i am definitely not sure about this.

there is a decent chance that i might not have to worry very much about sunglasses for quite some time. anyone need a pair of sunglasses?

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