still looking for an expert

for those of you who have been following the development of my d.min project/dissertation i thought i would give you a little update. at this point i need to find an expert/authority to review the bibliography that forms the base of my research. once i do this and get him/her to approve it i will work through dr. lemke’s, my faculty mentor at nobts, changes and i will be able to present it for approval. once it is approved the fun will start because i will be able to begin my evil experiment on collaborative sermon preparation. mu ha ha!

anyhow these are all the people that i have asked thus far (and their responses if applicable).

dr. john stott

as i’ve discussed before the late dr. stott’s organization was VERY helpful and it makes me like dr. stott all the more. the man lived out what he preached and so did (and continues to) the organization that he founded. he is the biggest name that i corresponded with yet his organization has been incredibly helpful.

dr. david platt

lots of emails to lots of different email addresses (one that was his personal email address some years ago when he was doing DisipleNOW events for me at parkview baptist church) before i finally received a “sorry but dr. platt  it too busy” from his assistant.

dr. james shaddix

several emails over the past six months with no response as of yet.

paul windsor

assistant director of the langham partnership in new zealand. i’ve corresponded with rev windsor some but i have been unable to get in touch with him for the past couple of months. since i know that he is working on his own d.min project i am pretty sure that is keeping him busy.

dr. john mcclure

dr. mcclure has been very helpful and communication with him has been wonderful but he is too busy at present to help any more. i really appreciate the help he has already give me.

dr. chuck kelly

dr. kelly is president of nobts so i really don’t expect him to be able to do this but i thought “what the hey” and emailed him yesterday. no response yet but i honestly don’t expect him to be able to do it.

dr. rick mckinley

just emailed him yesterday. i think the world of imago dei and advent conspiracy so i figured i would ask. no response yet but it has only been one day.

chris seay

just emailed him yesterday. i think the world of ecclesia and advent conspiracy so once again i thought i would ask. no response yet but it has only been one day.

dr. wes allen

dr. mcclure recommended that i contact dr. allen. i am not familiar with dr. allen but dr. mcclure said that dr. allen is on top of the literature related to my d.min and he should be of great help. that is good enough for me. of course, i am also intrigued by the books that he has published so that also made me desire to ask him. i just emailed him today. we’ll see what happens.

i promise to start writing about the d.min less in the future.

UPDATE – 6/6/2012 @ 3pm

    dr. allen emailed last night saying that he would be able to do it! this means i have an expert and once i finish my annotated bibliography (hopefully tonight/tomorrow morning) i can start on the next step. dr. mckinley’s secretary also emailed last night saying that he was presently out of the office but would look over my request once he was back in the office.

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