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DSCN0311the second of five thread weddings took place this past weekend. jesse & amanda were married this past saturday. it was a great time. they had obviously put a great deal of work into the day and i personally thought it showed. of course, it was also pam and my wedding anniversary so i am a little partial to the day. we have been married 22 years. pam and i have now been officially married half our lives. it has worked out pretty well for me and i think it will work out great for jesse & amanda too.

DSCN0305pam and i made a weekend of it and ate at a couple of wonderful local restaurants (the mona lisa restaurant & the nucleus cafe). both had excellent food (though the service at the mona lisa lacked a little). the photo to the right is of pam’s nutella crepe at the nucleus. mhmmm. part of the fun of the weekend was that we had gorgeous weather and thus we were able to ride our bikes around.

it was a wonderful weekend. the photo at the top of this post is from the “advice string” that jesse & amanda had setup. my dad gave me one bit of advice before i married pamela. he told me that we should never wallpaper a room together. either i should do it by myself, she should do it by herself, or we should hire someone. it seems to have worked for us so i thought i would pass along the same advice to jesse & amanda. let’s pray they listen. 🙂


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