fun day


a few notes on my day:

  • while running today a small stick went all the way through the sole of my running shoe and into my foot. this was a half mile a way from my house and i couldn’t get the stick out of my shoe so i ended up walking back home with one shoe off. i know the photo above is blurry but you should still be able to see the stick. i initially thought it was a nail or something sharp but nope it was just a rather dull stick. i must have hit it at the absolute perfect angle for it to go through the sole instead of just breaking.
  • the beauty of my kids is that they were super excited about some fellow pastors coming over to the house today to pray because of a funny line they thought of for the occasion. SPAM, stevens point area ministers, gets together to pray once a month and this month was supposed to be at the terrell house. the boys were excited because they want me to paraphrase a naco libre line. they were going to come upstairs for a second in hopes that i would say “boys leave us so my brothers and i can talk of holy things.” this didn’t happen because we ended up meeting elsewhere. the boys were sad.
  • today i got to talk about jürgen moltmann on two separate occasions. that always makes for a good day.

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