community bible experience

this summer tapestry did one community bible experience (cbe). cbe is a thing started by biblica when they had the great idea of encouraging people to read big, read in context, and read together. so they came up with a new testament that has no chapter or verse numbers and rearranged the books of the bible in such a way that they are easier to read in context (i.e. the gospel of john is read right before reading the epistles of and revelation to john). you read about 10 pages a day, five days a week, and in eight weeks you have read the entire new testament. each week we would get together as a group and just talk about what hit us. i have read the new testament more times than i can remember and i was amazed at what i picked up in the straight read through and i was incredibly thankful for what i learned from hearing and discussing with everyone else in the group each week.

so we are going to do it again in the fall. my goal is to start 2 to 3 groups this time. interested? no someone who might be interested? it really is an incredibly experience.

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