its not hot now


i meant to post the above photo about a month ago but i kind of forgot. it is from the last time that tapestry provided the weekly meal for place of peace. we provide a meal and more importantly eat with everyone that comes for the thursday night meal once every three months. the shirt above is the result of being in the kitchen on july 5th. it was miserably hot. pam said that i should take a photo because this is probably the most she has ever seen me sweat in my life when i wasn’t doing something physical. i don’t usually sweat a great deal. actually i sweat a little but it is almost all on my eyebrow. its weird but how it works. anyhow, i have been sweating a good bit this summer.

wisconsin summers are not supposed to be like this. it is one of the things that we love about being in the mid west. i’m not sure what happened this summer.

SIDE NOTE – the goatee was pretty long on this day. i like it.

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