bam! the bride of CHRIST

so a quick story.

tonight during my message at tapestry a “thread” brought up that she had some new neighbors that didn’t have enough beds for all of their kids (10 members in the family) and she is looking to find beds for them. well the story actually goes a little deeper than just that. i found most of this out from pam after church because the “thread” had told her a little more while we were tearing down the sunday night setup at washington elementary.

she had new neighbors move in to around her who are hmong. trying to be a good neighbor she went to meet them. unfortunately her neighbors don’t speak a lot of english and she doesn’t speak much hmong. most people would figure that was enough and decide they had done what CHRIST wanted. not her. she tracked down a translator to help her communicate as a good neighbor would. that’s how she found out about the need for the beds.

so she mentioned the need during our worship gathering tonight. she said the family needed bedding for 4 more. by the time we had torn down our equipment beds for 3 of the 4 had been arranged. we left figuring we would work on the remaining bed this week. some of the college kids loaded into pam’s minivan and they started back to school. that is when one of them texted a “thread” who wasn’t there tonight and suddenly another free bed found. that’s when one of the college students shouted “bam! the bride of CHRIST!” 

seemed appropriate. need announced and 25 minutes later we knew how the need was going to be met. like the college student said “bam! the bride of CHRIST!”

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