Chosen Profession

I love and I am honored by what I get to do. I am reminded very often what a wonderous thing it is to be trusted enough to be some one’s minister. It is a gift that I hope I live up to. I hope that I function in such a manner as to be as close to worthy of God’s calling as I can be and that I live in such a way that I show respect for my friends for the trust they put in me. Like I said, I love what I do.


If I were to do something else I would seriously consider following Pam’s career path as a speach language pathologist. I feel like I am amazed by something she has done at least once a week. I know part of it is the fact that my wife is incredible but the other part is that she works in a fascinating field. What she does makes a real difference in people’s lives and it is very challenging. I’m not looking to change careers but I do think that what she does is real cool.

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