Eric = Killer?

I thought I would warn all my fellow duck hunters that if Eric G. invites you to duck hunt in a very secluded place there is a slight possibility that he might be trying to secretly kill you. I say this because I am almost convinced that Eric was trying to kill me yesterday. I went hunting with Eric at a spot that involved us walking about 3 miles into the spot hunting for an hour and then hiking back out 3 miles. That wasn’t the part where Eric tried to kill me. Eric threw the decoys out into the drainage ditch we were hunting over but neither of us went into the water so I had no way of knowing what was below the water till I shot a duck. I went out to pick up the duck and went up to my chest in the muck that composed the bottom of the ditch. A few times I was convinced that I was stuck beyond removing myself from the mud. This happened again when we began to prepare to leave and I started to pick up the decoys. I think Eric may have brought me out there to leave me stuck in the muck.

I think Eric is an evil genius that way.

I will add that if he was going to leave me in a place to die Eric did at least take me to a gorgeous place to do so. That was kind of nice of him.

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