I don’t know what to think of the whole Louie Giglio / Inauguration thing. For those who have no idea what I am talking about you can get a brief idea of it by reading Giglio’s open letter concerning the situation that he realized via this tweet.

Truthfully I don’t expect to know what I think about it for a week or two. I figure over the next few days people with agendas on the right and the left will paint the whole incident in such a manner to convey their worst ideas about the other side. The worst part of this whole thing in my opinion is that a man whose actions have shown amazing care for many on the margins of society will now be painted by brushes that make him look hateful, which while I don’t know him personally I do believe his actions have sown he is not. If I were Louie Giglio I think I would probably come out of this whole thing wanting to punch both the people at Fox News and MSNBC in the nose. Of course, he probably won’t feel that way because he is a nicer guy than I am. Yes he believes that homosexual activity is declared by scripture to be sinful (which I do too) but by no means does that mean that he (or I) hate the people who practice such activity.

I have a few friends that I love dearly who are practicing homosexuals. If you mess with them I can promise you I would be there with them standing against you. I love these friends even though I disagree with some parts of their life. Of course, that is true of my heterosexual friends also. To be honest a couple of my friends who are homosexual have challenged the way I think concerning homosexuality and I am very thankful for them for that. Their thoughts have caused me to think differently concerning how I approach the subject of what scripture says about homosexual activity. I don’t think my disagreement with them concerning whether or not their sex life is considered sinful by the God revealed in Jesus makes me a bigot. It just means we disagree about what scripture says. If it does make me a bigot then I guess I am a much bigger bigot concerning those heterosexuals who aren’t following God’s sexual guidelines because numbers-wise there is a whole lot more of them.

I guess I’ll just try to love everyone and in my opinion part of that is being honest with everyone.

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