Leadership, Intern, & Nook Color

Been a fun day of ministry and geekiness.

Ministry – Spent the day dealing with the team that interviews the prospective new members of the Tapestry Leadership Team. Lots of fun going through the biblical qualifications of an overseer and dealing with important questions concerning who Tapestry is and how to stay properly focused on who we are. I love meetings like that. Then I got to start the process of being a chaplain intern at St. Michael’s hospital as a part of the Clinical Pastoral Education that I am doing this semester. I’ll talk more about this sometime later. I am pretty excited about the whole process. Anyhow the whole thing took a little longer than I expected but it was really cool. Tomorrow I go back for the health screening. Yea! TB test.

Geekiness – I just finished rooting my Nook Color into a full scale Android Tablet. Fun! Turns out the Nook Color has bluetooth built into its hardware even though bluetooth isn’t used in the Barnes & Noble software. So I hooked the now rooted Nook Color to a bluetooth keyboard to type this little post.

Not a bad day. Yea I live a fun life.

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