A Day of Freezing


It has been a little cold here in Central Wisconsin. The cold temps are typically no big deal and in fact usually kind of enjoyable. On the other hand, the extreme cold and the wind chill can require doing things a little differently. Take today for example.

I went out to start Fred the Sentra and after a quick burst of electrical everything in the car stopped. I changed the alternator a few weeks ago and thought that I had probably just not put the positive battery cable on very well and the cold had loosened it. I pulled the latch for the hood to look at it and nothing happened. I pulled the handle again and made sure it was all the way out and then went to the front of the car to try and lift the hood. The latch had frozen shut. I didn’t feel like pulling a hair dryer out to the car to warm the latch so I sat on the hood area where the latch was hoping that my body heat would be enough. After a few minutes of a very cold butt the hood popped open. I reattached the positive cable and the car started fine. So I drove to my lunch meeting.

When I made it to the restaurant where my meeting was. I was a little early but saw the open sign and decided to just go in and get some chips and salsa and read. When I tried to open the door it was apparently locked. This was an early lunch so I figured that they had just turned the sign on a little early and hadn’t actually opened up yet. So I turned to go back to my car. That’s when the hostess knocked on the door and shouted that it was frozen shut. 🙂 With the hostess pushing on the inside and me pulling on the outside we are able to open the door. Hopefully nothing else freezes today.

As I said it just takes doing things a little different. It’s still fun though. Now it is time for a run before writing some.

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