A Conjunctive Contest

If you have heard me preach more than a few times you may have unconsciously picked up that I love the conjunctions and conjunctive adverbs in scripture. In other words, I love the “and”s, “but”s,  “or”s, “therefore”s, “since”s, & all other words and phrases found in the Bible that tend to join multiple thoughts together. I feel like I reference these enough that I should have some consistent images to display when I talk about them.

It is a rather large screen and I love it.

For those of you who haven’t heard me preach in the last 7 or so years you don’t know why I want these images. Let me explain.

At Washington Elementary we have a 25″ screen to project our lyrics an my message PowerPoint slides on to.  When I preach I don’t put a lot of words on my PowerPoint slides. Instead, I project images or single words that fit with what I am talking about at the moment. Therefore, when I point out a conjunctive word I usually have either the single word or an image conveying that word displayed  behind me. This happens a lot and therefore I think it might be nice to have a consistent set of images to display.

So here’s the contest. If you can come up with a few images (one for “therefore/since,” one for “and”, & one for “but”) that convey the thought of the conjunctive words I am pointing out then I will do one of the following:

  • Treat you to coffee/ice cream at Emy J’s or Zest.
  • Take you to lunch at Green Tea  or Politto’s Pizza.
  • I will write your parents a letter saying how wonderful you are.
  • I will give you Pam’s cat (Pam will probably veto this action but I will still try).

Many of you “threads” are artists, or at least artistic, so this should be easy for you. These images can be photos or illustrations. It is up to you. Go for it.

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