Unforeseen Morning Church Consequences

As many of you now Tapestry is trying morning worship gatherings for 3 months as an experiment. This week I realized two unforeseen consequences of swapping to morning worship gatherings for however long we are doing this.

1. Tomorrow is Daylight Savings Time. How in the world did I not check this out? This is the second week of the trial and it is the worst Sunday for morning church. Spring forward stinks. Argh.

2. It changes my ability to run Sunday  running races. For example, the Oshkosh half marathon is Sunday, April 13th. I usually go and run this half marathon and then come back for church. Not an option this year. Just means I can’t do the Oshkosh half this year. No big deal really. I just didn’t think of it before.

The problem this arises for me is that I need to pick a new Spring/Early Summer half marathon to run. Anyone have any experience with any of the following?

  • Jailbreak half marathon, April 26 – Wautoma
  • Ripon College half marathon, May 3 – Ripon
  • Rockin’ Tomahawk half marathon, June 14 – Tomahawk

I haven’t run any of them so I don’t really know much about them. Any help would be appreciated.

All together not really big problems to deal with in trying mornings out. I will probably feel different about this tomorrow morning.

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