WiFi discovery

Screenshot_2016-02-25-11-13-33Today I discovered that I was within 30 feet of an acquaintance that I haven’t seen in several years, and it was all because of WiFi.  I needed to check my email while I was out today and saw that my phone was telling me that there was an open (i.e. unsecured) WiFi hotspot around me. I don’t use a lot of mobile data but instead use free WiFi the vast majority of time. So I pulled up the WiFi connections list on my phone to look for the open connection. When I was looking at the list I saw the name “Caleb Azure’s iPhone”. I knew a guy named Caleb Azure who was an associate pastor in Green Bay years ago. He moved out to California a few years ago and I haven’t seen him since then. So I was a little surprised when I saw his name associated with a iPhone signal that was around me.

So I looked around and saw a guy sitting in a car across from me that looked pretty much like Caleb. Of course, it isn’t really very cool to knock on a stranger’s car window so I thought I would reach out to Caleb via the only contact I have with him anymore … Twitter.

And then I waited. I checked my email, looked around, twiddled my thumbs, and waited for him to look up or respond. He didn’t. I decided to just get out and knock on his car window. So I got out of my van, started to walk towards his car, and then stopped and turned around when I saw him start talking on his phone. After all it isn’t nice to interrupt someone’s phone call. I tweeted him again.

So I got back into my minivan and waited. I checked Twitter, looked at the steps I had walked during the day, and listened to a podcast about the history of Christianity. I waited till it became awkward. I kept looking to see if he looked up. He didn’t. I finally decided that I should go. So I tweeted that if it were him that I just barely missed him.

And as you can see from his tweet above he responded back 12 minutes later that it had actually been him. Small world and a weird way to discover that an acquaintance has moved back to Wisconsin.

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