Pastoral Ministry & Neo-Calvinism and Mega-Churches

I’m sitting here beside Pam as she watches the Academy Awards (I can’t really say that I am watching it because I am really just here because I like her and she likes the Oscars) and I am wondering if New-Calvinism and megachurch mindsets are killing pastoral ministry. Both seem to put all the focus of importance on a pastor’s preaching to the exclusion of pastors actually being involved in the lives and needs of their parishioners. I am wonder if Neo-Calvinism does this because of a mindset that right belief is all that matters (possibly a little Gnosticism here) and therefore preaching becomes the best thing a minister can do for his/her people, and in the megachurch because there isn’t enough time for the preacher to be involved in people’s lives. I believe this is why I run into pastors who brag about spending 30 hours a week in sermon preparation and not having any time to really spend with the people of the church. I’m not sure if this is really true or not, it is just something I am considering while I also wonder how many awards Mad Max: Fury Road is going to win.

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  1. Robert, thanks for the post! I did not make the connection that Calvinism and it’s Neo (the Matrix?) variation contributed toward a mindset of knowledge without fellowship. Great thought for the day. Instictively we know that relational ministry is where real life happens, and yet, it’s social-emotionally consuming. I suppose you need the Holy Spirit’s indwelling to give you the power to engage with a church in that fashion… lol

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