Sitting in Bad Weather = A Wisconsin Cheese Slice

This was me using my phone to check if my camo buff was on the right direction, because as you can see from the small section on my cheek the reverse side is basically white, which isn’t the best camouflage.

The video above is of the weather about an hour into deer hunting yesterday. I expected it to snow a little yesterday but I didn’t realize that it was going to end up snowing enough to cover the ground. It continued to snow for the two hours after this video that I continued to hunt. It is too early for such snow. We’re supposed to have flurries right now. Yes, they might be heavy flurries but still flurries.

So I sat in the deer stand slowly being covered by snow and randomly scaring deer. I scared 5 of the them: 1 because I had to stop reading my kindle (touchscreen kindles freak out when snow lands on their screens) and had to put it in my bag, I looked around but didn’t see the deer when I decided to move, he, however, did see me, 2 others were scared by walking up downwind from me and catching my scent, and then I scared 2 more when I was walking out – just call me the deer scarer. It was an enjoyable evening even though I didn’t get a deer.

A Wisconsin made of cheese is kind of meta.

The reason I am posting this is so that I can share with you this work of art that Eric G made for me. Eric said that me bow hunting in a deer stand in such bad weather (it wasn’t just snowing, it was also cold and windy) I had finally become a real Wisconsinite because unlike gun season (which is only 9 days long) you can blow off bad days when bow hunting because it is a much longer season. Apparently for Eric, choosing to stick it out in bad weather equals being a Wisconsinite and the reward for being a Wisconsinite is cheese cut into a slice of cheese.

I felt very honored … and then ate the Wisconsin cheese slice.

SIDE NOTE – I tend to read my kindle when bow hunting because it requires less movement to “flip” pages. I may have to rethink this for snowy days. My kindle kept swapping fonts because of the snow interacting with the kindle’s touchscreen.

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