LSU Love Week

Today is the Alabama/LSU game. Having been raised an Alabama football fan, and then serving as a minister in Baton Rouge for seven years, which ultimately led to Pam graduating from LSU with her PhD, this game is one that brings up a little trash talk between me, certain family members (hey cutie), and many friends. When South Alabama plays various teams from Louisiana the same thing happens, but there are more people involved in the Bama/LSU trash talk.

Anyhow many of my LSU friends talk about the week leading up to playing Alabama as being “Bama hate week” (“hate week” being a traditional rivalry game thing) because this is a big game for them. Not so much for Bama. So I will just refer to this as “LSU Love Week.”


Well because I love …

  • … the look on their faces after they finally realize they are going to lose (usually in the second or third quarter).
  • … their attempts to find something or someone else to blame the loss on (it was a bad call, Nick Saban used some black magic, an actually elephant was on Bama’s offensive line, etc., etc.)
  • … the whining (closely related to their attempts to find an excuse) that will happen for the next decade as a result of their loss.
  • … how they will claim that the SEC rigs the games for Bama.
  • … how they pretend to actually understand what their coach is saying.
  • … how the loss will push them closer to my prediction that they will now go through 3 coaches in 5 years because of getting rid of Les Miles.

Oh how I love this week. 🙂

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