My Prepared Self’s Day Was Made

Here’s my possible’s contents.

I have written before about my possibles bag (here) and the four things that I typically have on me for problem solving (here). My friend Eric G tends to laugh at me because of my possible and my band-aide in the wallet, but you see, I like to be prepared. Today I was the one laughing because of my preparations.

Sometime during setup for Tapestry‘s Sunday morning worship gathering Eric & Natalie’s youngest child hurt her finger. Nothing bad, just a small scrap that left a small skin tag. I learned of this because Natalie walked up to me and said she needed my wallet band-aide. That’s right, she knew me well enough to know that I would have a band-aide in my wallet. Day already made right there. So I grabbed my wallet and gave her a band-aide. That’s when I saw how small the cut was, so I asked if she would like a smaller band-aide because I thought I had one in the small first aide kit I keep in my possible. She said yes so I grabbed it.

Here are my four things. Upper Left: a knife, Lower left: a bandage, Upper Right: a quarter, Lower Right: a pen

That’s when Eric, a trained RN, walked over and examined his daughter’s wound. He said, “If only I had a pair of tweezers I would remove the skin tag before dressing the wound. You don’t have a pair of tweezers do you?” He asked this last part with a smile. Why yes I do Eric. Bam! I pull out my keys and the Leatherman Style 5-n-1 key chain tool (which they unfortunately don’t make anymore). There are your tweezers. He started to cut off the skin tag when I thought to ask if he would like an alcohol swab to wiped down everything first. Why yes he would. Bam! I had a smile across my entire very well prepared face.

Who’s laughing about my possible and band-aide now Eric? 🙂

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