29 Years + 5 1/2

Pam and me at a High School dance. You can tell from the backdrop that our High School spared no expense when it came to dances.

For the past 30 minutes I have been browsing through my Google Photos account looking at various photos trying to find the one that I wanted to post to say how thankful and grateful I am for the 29 years Pam and I have been married thus far. There are many, many photos I could post that partially demonstrate why I love this woman so much. Part of that is because she is so awesome, part of that is that we’ve been together for a long time (29 years plus 5 1/2 year dating from High School), and part of it is that as a family we tend to take a lot of photos.

Looking through thousands of photos has been a good reminder that I am incredibly thankful for this amazing woman and her part in shaping a family that I absolutely adore. We’ve been lucky in some ways and worked incredibly hard in others to make sure that our marriage and family are strong. I bring up both because I believe both are true. Sometimes our work on making our marriage the best it could be was what accomplished the goal of a healthy marriage and other times we didn’t have to face challenges that others have had to face and for that I am thankful. In a marriage you can’t guarantee everything, but you can work hard to make sure you put yourself in the best circumstances for health in your relationship. I am very thankful for the luck and the work. It has been worth it.

Happy Anniversary my love (actually I’ve told her that in person so I don’t really know why I am writing it here).

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