the challenge

guys i need your help. let me explain.

today after a 3 month hiatus i started running again. my goal is to be ready for the mid-april oshkosh half-marathon. so i ran a couple of miles this afternoon. while doing my post running stretching i discovered a knot on the back of my knee that i am fairly sure is a small case of bursitis. i’m too cheap to want to waste frig ice when there is plenty of cold snow outside so i put some "free crushed ice" into a zip lock bag and iced my knee.

somewhere during supper pam said that there was no way i would be ready for the oshkosh half-marathon (oh my wife of little faith). i told her i not only would finish the race but i would beat my time from the indianapolis race i ran back in october. so we decided to bet on it.

the bet is that if i don’t finish the race or run slower than i did in indianapolis then i have to watch whatever chick-flick pam picks. if i finish the race faster than my indianapolis race then pam has to watch a guy movie that i pick. the agreement is that we have to really watch these movies, not just sit through them while doing something else.

so here’s where i need your help. what guy movie should i make pam watch? if i lose she’s thinking about making me watch momma mia which means she is playing rough. therefore i need a movie that would thrill me and strike fear in her heart. 🙂

so please help a brother out by sharing great guy films that i should force pam to watch when i win the bet.


over the past couple of weeks i’ve been updating the tapestry website. i like it’s present theme but there are still major changes that have to take place. primarily i’m trying to arrange for medium size photos to smoothly rotate on the homepage. i’m trying to use JonDesign’s smooth gallery code to accomplish this but at this point i’m apparently not doing something right. if anyone has any experience with smooth gallery i would be thankful for the help.

anyhow, the reason i’m posting is because i need to have a “faq’s” section on the site (or something else that does the same thing). what things would you want to know about a church? i’m open to anything. the best one i’ve seen those far was “what if GOD was one of us?” (dad, it’s a song from the 90’s).

SIDE NOTE – dan kimball has a real interesting post on his experience at “the holyland experience.” it reminds me of “CHRIST of the ozarks,” which i went to when we lived in carthage, missouri.

my run for the day
distance – 7.0 miles
time – 1:16:45
pace – 10:57/mile
weather – 48/rain


when it started snowing last week i stopped running. it has been slick enough on the roads and sidewalks when i was just walking my dogs and i was not real excited about the thought of actually running on that stuff. so i stopped. it seemed like a reasonable solution to me. of course, we’re probably going to have a pretty good amount of snow around here and i really want to be ready when jim and jill come up here to run the green bay marathon (my brother-n-law and his wife are, to quote my 13 year old, “beast mood” and therefore i need to be in shape when they get up here). this means that i need to train and training means that i need to run.

i mentioned my problem to one of the guys that i play basketball with and he immediately sent me after yaktrax. these thing a combination of rubber bands and metal springs. i guess they work pretty much like tire chains for your feet. all i know is that they work. i’ve run 6 miles in them now and have felt safe during ever stride.


notice the ice unibrow
today was the 2007 frostbite race. it’s a 5 & 10 mile race through the wintry streets of stevens point. i haven’t run over three milers since injuring my calf. therefore, i thought this was as good of a way to begin training for a marathon again as any. of course, when i signed up i didn’t know the race would take place during the first winter storm of the season. the guys and girls running the 10 mile race had ice beards by the time they got back in. it was immensely cool (or cold depending upon how you think of it).

my run for the day

    distance – 5 miles
    time – 58:11
    pace – 11:39/mile