over the past couple of weeks i’ve been updating the tapestry website. i like it’s present theme but there are still major changes that have to take place. primarily i’m trying to arrange for medium size photos to smoothly rotate on the homepage. i’m trying to use JonDesign’s smooth gallery code to accomplish this but at this point i’m apparently not doing something right. if anyone has any experience with smooth gallery i would be thankful for the help.

anyhow, the reason i’m posting is because i need to have a “faq’s” section on the site (or something else that does the same thing). what things would you want to know about a church? i’m open to anything. the best one i’ve seen those far was “what if GOD was one of us?” (dad, it’s a song from the 90’s).

SIDE NOTE – dan kimball has a real interesting post on his experience at “the holyland experience.” it reminds me of “CHRIST of the ozarks,” which i went to when we lived in carthage, missouri.

my run for the day
distance – 7.0 miles
time – 1:16:45
pace – 10:57/mile
weather – 48/rain

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