Convertible Problems

Just a quick post to say that today I learned a problem of having a convertible that as a previous non-owner of convertibles I didn’t realize was an issue. Apparently it is important to look above where ever you are considering parking to see if there are prime roosting areas above the parking spot you are considering. Why is this important? Well because if you don’t consider any possible roosting locations above the parking spot you choose then there is a good chance that birds will roost above you car and do what birds do. In a normal car this just means a car wash. In a convertible it means that the bird poop goes into you car and needs to be cleaned before you are able to drive anywhere. Thankfully it was only a few birds so it wasn’t a huge clean up job.

I have leaned my lesson and will look up from now on before I choose a parking spot for the Mustang.

Pricing Gorilla Costumes

Just did the initial registration for the first youth ministry conference that Tapestry will be involved in. I’m pretty excited about the thought of the “holy foolishness” we will get to be involved in (I’m not sure where I first heard the term “holy foolishness” – probably Mike Yaconelli – all I know is that I like the term, because it refers to good, clean oddity in the midst of the challenge of Christ). I just priced gorilla costumes on eBay. Why? Well, because what fun is a youth ministry conference without a gorilla costume? I already have an Elvis costume that I will loan out to one of the youth.

I’m already excited about the thought of complete randomness and life challenging depth.

Not one of my finer moments

The minivan wouldn’t start Saturday morning. All the lights came on but instead of turning over it would just click. I was preparing to have it tower to my mechanic Monday morning because I assumed it was the starter. Talked with my parents yesterday and my dad said it sounded like a starter or solenoid to him. He made one off hand remark about a dead battery that stuck with me. So on a chance I checked the battery tonight and it had about half a charge. Put the battery charger on it and it started fine. So basically I almost had my minivan towed to the shop for a low battery. Not one of my finer moments.

Thanks for sparking things Dad.

Robin Williams' Arm Hair

I am fairly sure that I just saw Robin Williams walk into a Diary Queen in Marshfield, Wisconsin. I would post a photo but by the time I had my camera out he had already left the building. You are probably thinking that I merely saw someone who sort of looked like Robin Williams but I saw this guy’s arm hair. The hair on the guy’s forearms shouted “I’m the real Robin Williams” and we all know that arm hair doesn’t lie.

Can't Work … But Need To Work

I need to…

  • Replace the top, right side pulley on one of the garage doors that has been eaten through by the cord.
  • Replace a heater core hose on Saturn that has a small leak and go ahead and replace the front disc pads and rotors while I am at.
  • Clean my study.
  • Sand off the rust from the rocker panels of the Fred the Sentra to get her ready for welding.
  • Still figure out this page number situation – actually I have a guy who is helping with it but my pride is pushing me to try and figure it out on my own before he sends me the corrected file.
  • Blog.
  • Order material for new sermon series at Tapestry.
  • Prepare Sunday’s sermon.
  • Respond to some church mail.
  • Practice my chaplain look.

Unfortunately I don’t have much desire to do any of this. At least this counts for the blog. Hopefully my life will get more productive after I finish my coffee with Eric at Emy J’s.

Interviewing with Pam

She gets a little more amazing every year.
She gets a little more amazing every year.

I am in the process of interviewing with a corporate chaplaincy company to be a part time chaplain in some local businesses. I’ve gone through several interviews thus far and I am really excited about the possibility of working with this group, both for what they do and for how I believe it will help me to be a better pastor in Tapestry. Today I had the opportunity to interview alongside Pam. The company wants to make sure that the spouse has an opportunity to ask any questions he/she might have. This is really just a quick post to say that I am married to one incredible woman. Just a lot of fun being in that interview with Pamela. Hopefully I always do an adequate job of remembering how cool she is.

SIDE NOTE – a shallow but cool part of the corporate chaplain position is that part of the uniform can be a company sweater vest. I really never knew it until moving up to Wisconsin but sweater vests are the most awesome things ever.