Can't Work … But Need To Work

I need to…

  • Replace the top, right side pulley on one of the garage doors that has been eaten through by the cord.
  • Replace a heater core hose on Saturn that has a small leak and go ahead and replace the front disc pads and rotors while I am at.
  • Clean my study.
  • Sand off the rust from the rocker panels of the Fred the Sentra to get her ready for welding.
  • Still figure out this page number situation – actually I have a guy who is helping with it but my pride is pushing me to try and figure it out on my own before he sends me the corrected file.
  • Blog.
  • Order material for new sermon series at Tapestry.
  • Prepare Sunday’s sermon.
  • Respond to some church mail.
  • Practice my chaplain look.

Unfortunately I don’t have much desire to do any of this. At least this counts for the blog. Hopefully my life will get more productive after I finish my coffee with Eric at Emy J’s.

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