just a normal day

nothing very exciting happen today and i don’t really have anything very unusal to discuss in the blog.

i did take hero, my dog, with me to church today to help me do a chapel for the preschool at church. you just can’t go wrong with bringing a dog to a lesson for a bunch of 3 to 5 year olds. i’m not sure if they will remember much of what i said a week from now but they will remember hero. it’s kind of funny, even the adults who saw him started smiling and talking to him. i think it’s the fact that people just don’t expect to see a dog inside a church that gets them smiling. it’s kind of like bringing them a surprise. everybody likes surprises – well except for the surprise of a policeman turning on his lights behind you – but other surprises people like. i did try to encourage hero to go and “mark” jim wallce’s desk (our minister ofeducation) but he didn’t seem to want to do it. i thought it would have been funny….”hey, what’s this wet stuff on my desk? and why does it smell like amonia in here?” alas, it is not to be.

i spent the evening setting up for “the view” tomorrow. we try to do something slightly different each week or so. tomorrow we are doing “worship in the round”. this means that we sit everyone in a circle with the band in the center, rather than a traditional band in front set up. it involves alot of video and powerpoint, which takes a while to set-up, thus the late night for me. of course, we’re changing the “wroship in the round” concept up a little by going full band LOUD rather than the soft contemplative music that most people think of with “worship in the round”. i do wonder why we call it “worship in the round”. why not call regular worship “worship in the rectangle?” or set up a “worship in the trinagle?” maybe i could get heor involved andwe could have “worship around the dog.”

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