the red or the blue pill?

i’ve got a choice to make that is very important. every now and then you run into a situation where you have to decide if you are going forward or not. to go forward takes you into the unkown which can be good but can also lead to walking off a cliff and falling onto lots of jagged rocks and moss and bird poop as well as the whole nauseated stomach that would happen from the fall before you died on the rocks, moss, and bird poop. to decide to stand still though could keep from you from experiencing what the whole trip is about.

i’ve come to one of those decisions now and i’m having a hard take deciding what to do. you see, i have to decide if i’m going to watch “matrix: revolution” or not. i love “the matrix”. i think it is one of the best movies of all times. it is action packed and at the same time a commentary on life and out view of reality. it is deep in meaning and goes about explaining that meaning in an entertaining manner. it’s a great movie.

“matrix: reloaded” on the other hand is a piece of junk. i hated it. it came across as “preachy” and full of itself. i didn’t even think the graphics were that good. i was so excited about seeing it, but after i saw it i wished they had just left well enough alone and never made a sequel to “the matrix”.

now i face the problem of “revolution”. will this movie make the second one seem at least decent? or will it just continue to mess up what was a perfect movie by itself. i was really mad after watching “reloaded” and i don’t want to have that experience again. so the choice is to skip “revolution” and just try to watch “the matrix” as though they never made the other two, or step forward and watch “revolution” and hope that it makes up for the mistakes of “reloaded”.

i know this probably seemd pretty stupid to most of ya’ll but this is a really big decision for me. sometimes i wish life wasn’t so complicated.

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