where the brown fungus grows

it’s been one week since the “battle of gettysburg” between the terrell family and the yellow jacket/azela bush axis of power and an unusal development has occurred. this morning as i was walking out i looked into the flower bed, the land of my victory, and noticed that something new had appeared there. in the area that had been fertilized with the decomposing bodies of both young and old yellow jackets a foot wide flat mushroom has grown. it’s very close to the actual nest of the enemy which i had defeated. apparently the bush has tried once again to win the war by allowing it’s rotting root system to become the fodder for the fungus of memorial for the brave and fierce yellow jackets which fought for it. it reminds me of “where the red fern grows” and the red fern that grew to memorialize the two wonderful dogs that die in the story. the bush’s love for the yellow jackets is admirable.

of course, as soon as i get home i’m going to go rip the mushrooms up and probably spit on it too. down with azelas and down with yellow jackets.

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