it’s my joy

it’s wednesday night and that means that we had “the view” tonight which gets me excited because i love being at church with other people who trust JESUS CHRIST. i need to add that i also love it when i’m doing a message and everyone is trying to figure out why i am doing something. i love it when people have no idea where something is going, and then it kind of blindsides them. it’s fun to watch their faces – both when they are confused and when they finally get it.

case in point tonight. we had set up water and towells everywhere because i was going to be talking about JESUS washing the disciples’ feet. this is a passage that we take for granted. most of us have seen far to many leaders do political serving where the goal is actually to look good rather than do true service. we’ve seen people who pretended to be the servant for the cameras and then stopped once all the pictures were taken. but that not was JESUS did. it was a truly shocking moment for everyone in the room when JESUS did it (imagine george bush coming to your house without reporters present and cleaning your toilet and you’ll get a decent, though still wholly inadequate, picture of what it was like). i wanted to convey some of the surprise of JESUS taking off HIS robe and washing their feet, so i rigged it for me to be able to take my shirt off while i was speaking. i obtained a headset microphone so that i would be able to speak and remove my shirt and made sure that my undershirt was clean. judging from the reactions from when i started removing my outer-shirt during the message you would have thought i had pulled out a gun. i thin it conveyed the surprise to the people. i was actually surprized by everyone’s response. it was only my outer-shirt. the way some of the kids responded you would have thought i was naked.

still, it made my night. i love it when ya’ll don’t have any idea where i’m going, until i actually get there.

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