i would like to report that i raked my front yard today and there were no yellow jacket attacks at all. it would appear that i have permenately chased away the stinging tormentors. bugs fear me!

while i raked today – actually it was more like tonight because it was very dark by the time i had finished – i realized that much of life is like raking leaves. you see tomorrow morning my front yard will look good. tomorrow afternoon my yard will still look better than my neighbors’ yards. eventually though my yard will be covered with leaves and acorns again erasing all the work i put in this afternoon. as a matter of fact, if as a result of my leaf removal my neighbors rake ther yards tomorrow then my yard will end up looking like i was the one who had not done any work. so much of what we do is pretty meaningless and last but a few days. we make lots of cosmetic changes to life. small things here an there that don’t really change anything and most of which are only done so we look better than most of the people around us. unless we are careful so much of our lives revolve around maintenance.

but we have the oportunities to do things that really impact the world and personally i don’t simply want to “maintain” existence. i want to work on things that last and make a real difference. the “real” changes and things we can do are harder to do, but their impact last forever. i believe JESUS has called us to live a life that is about making real differences. JESUS didn’t maintain life, HE created it.

okayi’ll stop preaching now. btw, i saw a raccoon at the student center last night. apparently the student center has become the “wild kingdom” of baton rouge.

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